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The hotel is located in the old city and new town at the junction of the business and holiday in Changzhou, is a "price" higher with full service hotel, 3 minutes from the city center, 5 minutes away from the South Street business district drive, walk 10 minutes to the ChangZhou Railway Station, bus station. Adjacent to the Millennium Temple Tianning Temple, bend forward and be known to all the world the Beijing-Hangzhou the Grande Canale, on the Changzhou first large park Hongmei Park, guests can burn incense to pray, can also walk in the lush trees and appreciate writing tower and other ancient buildings.

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  • hongmei Park

    hongmei Park , located north side Tianningsi , formerly site of the Tianningsi Lin Yuan , then gradually from the expansion .

  • Tianning Temple

    Since ancient times, there will be a tower temple. At the beginning of the Tianning Temple have tower destroyed after the fire, the abbot monk pine pure big wish to resume construction Tianning Baota, obtained the affirmation and support of city hall and people from all walks of life. 2001 April Changzhou City Hall decided in Tianning Temple after Hongmei Park Investment 200000000 yuan to build a level as high as 13 to 153.79 meters, construction area of 27000 square meters of the pagoda, tower for more than 4000 domestic pagoda of the. The pagoda was built, the Buddha and the North Central Plains Yungang, Longmen Buddha, West Leshan Giant Buddha, the East Grand Buddha at Lingshan. Southern Hongkong Tiantan Buddha echo each other at a distance, will add new luster to the edge of the world. Millennium Tower, the tower of the tower of culture, tourism, ancient tower. By the Tang and Song Dynasties pavilion-style pagoda style, octagonal tower layout, steel frame structure, Tasha for the throne of king tower, 70 tons of bronze, the outer foil, beautiful decoration. Built of white marble wall decoration, show the Golden Jade body style. Base station more than 1000 white marble small pagoda around the main tower around, the formation of the momentum of the Tallinn pagoda thirteenth layer; height of 118 meters 30000 jins weight hanging bell, melodious bell, broadcast the gospel. Whether from the volume, height, material, or from the tower, pagoda is the best of China, also called stupa in the world.

  • three rivers Park

    A north-south through the city landscape "" A connecting ancient and modern "tourism bridge" A bearing Longcheng millennium cultural essence of "cultural corridor" .................. Three rivers park water trip, in Jiangnan charm blend of modern style, three Park (Park China Dinosaur Park, Hong Mei Park, Dongpo) and three rivers (Beitang River, East River, river), on both sides of humanities tourism resources strung perfect bead chain! (three rivers Park) swim line north China Dinosaur Park, Park East, South to the Hongmei Park, through the modern tourism and leisure area, living area, North dragon train station area, Tianning scenic area, 12 kilometers in length. A boat tour, can enjoy a long rich history, culture and customs, but also appreciate the city new change rapidly, but also the feelings of urban leisure fashion